Bulgarian citizenship & Residency
Benefits of the program:
  • Guaranteed investment;
  • Financing options available;
  • Fast process to residency (6 to 9 months);
  • Fast-track option allowing for citizenship within 2 years;
  • No residence requirement;
  • No language requirement;
  • Dual citizenship permitted;
  • Citizenship granted to whole family and is an inheritance right.
Benefits of the Bulgarian citizenship:
  • Full EU rights: freedom to reside, work, study and travel ;
  • Visa free travel to 143 countries worldwide;
  • Right to own land in an EU country;
  • Lowest tax rates in EU;
  • Free-trade environment within the EU;
  • Conditional tax exemption on world income;
  • Access to high quality health care in Bulgaria and the EU;
  • Оnly 10% annual corporate income tax.

 Bulgarian citizenshipBulgarian citizenship
Fast track procedure
Investment amountEUR 511 292EUR 1 022 584
Investment optionsBonds, stocks, shares, intellectual property rights, concession agreements, credit institutions etc.
Time to citizenship6 years2 years
Physical residenceNot required/td>
Language knowledgeNot required
InterviewNot required
Dual citizenshipAllowed
Investment guaranteeYes
Financing optionsYes


• Valid passport or substitute foreign travel document
• Certificate of criminal record

We are going to assist you with the preparation of all additional documents required for the procedure.



Main Applicant

1. Consultation with our team`s member (per phone, e-mail or in person) who will advise you on the process for acquiring citizenship, given your specific circumstances.
2. Preparation and submission of the necessary documents. Application fees are due at this stage.
3. Appointment at a Bulgarian Consulate.
4. Investment transfer and issuance of investment certificate.
5. Appointment at a Bulgarian Consulate for Visa D application.
6. Submission of application for permanent residence (PR), followed by submission of application for PR card if approved. Usually it takes about 30 working days for the PR applications to be considered. The investor shall visit Bulgaria twice. Once to apply for permanent residence with the local Migration Office and once to apply for the PR card.

Timeframe: 6 to 9 months

Qualifying family members

Once the main applicant is issued the Bulgarian PR card, family reunification procedure may be started.

There are two mandatory trips to Bulgaria for each qualifying family member.

Timeframe: 3 to 6 months


The investor may apply for Bulgarian citizenship and passport:

• After one year following the acquisition of permanent residence and after increasing the invested amount to approximately 1,024,000 EUR (the so called “fast track procedure”)
• After the lapse of five years following the date of acquisition of permanent residence

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