Advantages of Bulgaria as a business place:
  • EU Member State;
  • Macroeconomic Stability;
  • Stable Banking System;
  • EU Operational Programs Access;
  • Low tax rates;
  • Extensive network of Double Taxation Treaties;
  • Lowest Labor Cost in EU;
  • Skilled and Competitive HR;
  • Lowest Real Estate Prices in EU;
  • Lowest Rent Prices in EU;
  • Lowest Life Cost in EU;
Benefits of a Bulgarian Company:
  • Fast incorporation procedure;
  • 100% Foreign Ownership allowed;
  • No restrictions for nationality of the Manager and the Shareholders;
  • Low incorporation costs;
  • Low administration & accounting fees;
  • Wide range of non-licensed activities;
  • Corporate bank account in well-reputable banks;
  • Оnly 10% annual corporate income tax.
Tax rates in Bulgaria:
  • Corporate Income Tax - 10%;
  • VAT - 20%;
  • VAT for Tourism - 9%;
  • VAT for EU Supplies - 0%;
  • VAT for Export - 0%;
  • Dividend Tax - 5%;
  • Dividend Tax for tax residents in an EU/EEA member - 0%;
  • Personal Income Tax - 10%;
  • Maximum Security Basis – EUR 1330.

Strategic location

Bulgaria is strategically located in southeastern Europe and provides easy access to a number of major markets:

• South-East Europe
• European Union
• Russia
• Middle East and North Africa

There are convenient flight options to most of the European capitals and big cities, Middle and Far East, Russia and North Africa.

EU Member State

Bulgaria has been a member state of the EU since 2007 and has an access to great variety of EU Operational Programs.

Bulgaria is about to become a member of the Eurozone. At the present moment the currency is the lev (BGN), which is pegged to the euro at a rate of 1.95583 BGN for 1 euro.

Attractive tax system

Corporate Tax rate of only 10 %
Double Taxation Treaties with more than 60 countries
Receiving an EU VAT Number is fast and easy.

Stable Banking System

Bulgarian banking system is stable, most of the banks are owned by International Financial Groups as UniCredit, Raiffeisen, Societe Generale. The opening of bank accounts for companies registered in Bulgaria is simple.

Skilled and Competitive HR & Lowest Labor Cost in EU

Human talent probably constitutes Bulgaria`s most compelling advantage, complemented by a broad range of high quality professional services. Bulgaria offers an abundance of highly educated and skilled individuals, multilingual in their majority. Bulgaria ranks amongst the top countries in Europe for tertiary education per capita. While at the same time, labor cost rates remain the lowest in EU.

Business friendly Environment

Bulgaria offers foreign businesses a business-friendly framework within which to operate with fast and simplified procedures. Bulgaria’s legal system is also fully compliant with the EU, the Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering (FATF), OECD, FATCA, the Financial Stability Forum laws and regulations and EU AML directives.

Lowest Real Estate Prices and Life Cost in EU

Bulgaria offers a high quality of life and low cost. Bulgaria is the only country in Europe where with €1,000 you can have a better living standard than the average of the inhabitants of countries such as Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Sweden and Norway, which are among the richest countries in the world. This money will be enough for you to buy quality food, to go outside with friends for a drink or to eat something, to pay the rent, to cover your monthly bills for electricity, water, internet, cable TV and mobile phone, to buy clothes, to pay for a gym card and to go to cinema regularly.